This week’s classes – lots of twists to help the health of our spines. The key pose Ayurchakrasana (Wheel of Life Pose), can be seen beautifully demonstrated in the first 5 minutes of this video created by Barbara Benagh below. It is a deeply difficult twist where we attempted to keep the pelvis level and our lower backs long and stable,  tapping into the deep abdominal muscles For the more adventurous of you the rest of the video is a lovely practice too. Enjoy!!!

Twisting yoga postures all help to maintain the normal length and resilience of the soft tissues surrounding the spine and hips, and also helps to maintain the health of the discs and facet joints (the small pair of joints on the back of the spine where each two vertebrae overlap) – so great for your back and overall well being!

All you guys who came along put in maximum effort and we had some real fun- would like to know what you all think??  (I know it sorted out my twingey back from sitting in front of a computer this week!)

Wheel of life pose video

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