Sun salutations are a key foundation to our practice routine. They’re used as an opening sequence to a longer practice session as they warm up the muscles and get us to focus on the breath as we’re moving through the sequence, creating heat in the body and focus in the mind. You can also use them as a quick practice in their own right if your short of time or just want a quick lift, something to restore the balance.

Use the video to learn this versatile sequence or if you’re an established practitioner to give you the incentive to get your mat out and enjoy the flow.

Remember to keep your breath steady and smooth and its your practice so do just a few reps or string A&B together and work up to five of each. Hopefully you’ll do better than me keeping the breath under control using ujjayi breath throughout, leaving you invigorated and prepared for the rest of your practice or maybe for the rest of your day. Enjoy and let me know how you get on

Namaste Rose

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